Install Tips

Pinstripe Installation Video


Graphics Installation Tips:

Surface Preparation: Prior to applying striping, it is important that the surface of the vehicle be perfectly clean and free of wax so the adhesive can properly bond to the paint. Use a wax-and-grime remover after thoroughly washing the vehicle and be sure to rinse off any residue. Then wipe the application area with 70% isopropyl alcohol and dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Application Temperature: For best results, apply striping/graphics in a temperature range of 50º – 90º F (16º – 27º C). Cooler temperatures will not allow the adhesive to set properly. Higher temperatures will cause the adhesive to tack prematurely, eliminating the ability to reposition the material.

Trimming: Trim vinyl striping and graphics very carefully to avoid scratching the application surface. Always use a sharp knife blade and just gently score the surface of the film after the premask has been removed. When trimming vinyl striping & graphics around door edges and the end of vehicle panels, trim the material approximately 1/8″ back from the edge of the panel. Do not wrap the film around the panel edges unless you have thoroughly cleaned behind the panel edges during the Surface Preparation process.

Stripe Removal: Most stripes can be removed with little effort when using the proper tools. Preferred tools include: Heat Gun or Clothes Steamer – Gently heat the film surface and lift the vinyl after it has been heated. Clean any adhesive residue with Sharpline’s Right-Off™. Right-Off™ is a natural, water-soluble solution that contains no silicone. It can be used on plastic, glass, fiberglass, vinyl and properly cured painted surfaces. Vinyl Off™ is another water-soluable stripe removal chemical that is sprayed onto vinyl and soaks through the film to attack the adhesive, allowing for easy removal.