Durashield Titan™

Cutting-edge chemistry has created the very best in paint protection film for the ultimate in vehicle surface protection. 

Titan’s proprietary topcoat brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film and provides features that protect vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.

  • Exceptional Stain Resistance!
  • Unmatched resistance to harsh airborne hazards. 
  • Blocks airborne and surface pollutants from discoloring the film. 
  • Outstanding protection from rock chips and other road hazards. 
DuraShield Titan™ provides highly sought-after features:
  • Crystal clear clarity, low profile and high gloss. 
  • Faster, easier, hassle-free installation.
  • Self-healing properties.  
  • Scuff-resistant, low-friction surface resists dust and dirt. 
The Titan topcoat bonds to the urethane film and adhesive to provide unique benefits:
  • Proven adhesive system is engineered for re-positioning during installation.
  • Conforms easier to a wide variety of complex curved surfaces.
Titan™ is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.