Conspicuity Chevron Panel Sets


NFPA 1901 requires all new fire apparatus to have at least 50% of the rear covered with Chevron Stripes; a 6: red and yellow alternating pattern placed at 45 degree angles. This increase in visibility provides more safety and potentially reduces collisions. Trail Blazer™ Chevron Panel provide for quick, easy installation that meets national requirements.

  •  Printed reflective chevron panels*
  • 6″ Yellow / 6″ Red 45 degree diagonal patterns
  • Available in 23″ x 48″ panels – Sold as a set of 2 – mirror image panels
  • Panels reduce installation time compared to using 6″ alternating strips
  • Cut to size as needed
  • Eliminates seems where dirt can collect and make it difficult to clean
  • Meets NFPA 1901 specs
  • 7 Year durability
* Available in custom colors, films and sizes